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Easy Shrimp Boil Recipe | Chef Jinky Bejarin


The exciting part is now here!! Seafood lovers should celebrate for a new dish that would surely make them crave for more!

Shrimp is always a quick and easy meal option and it’s a perfect dish for a celebration that needs limited time to prepare. It has the vibrant classiness, elegance and perfect dish that would complete your table with a fascinating dish!! Are you ready for something new? Watch till the end!

➡️ Lemon
➡️ Corn
➡️ Potato
➡️ Shrimp
➡️ Sausages
➡️ Onions
➡️ Garlic
➡️ Tabasco
➡️ Thick ketchup
➡️ Horseradish Sauce
➡️ Chardonnay
➡️ Clam juice
➡️ Salt
➡️ Thyme
➡️ Bay leaves

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