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Ginataang Alimasag | Crabs in Coconut Milk | Chef Jinky Bejarin


Did you know that Filipinos love cooking seafoods with coconut milk?

Just like Ginataang Alimasag.

I’m featuring Ginataang Alimasag for today’s vlog since a lot of you are asking me to cook a Filipino dish.

Try it and you won’t be able to resist it next time!😉😋The taste of seafood and coconut milk really complements each other. This recipe will become your new favorite!

It is seasoned with vinegar to bring out the natural flavor of the crab and mixed with vegetables to make it even more appetizing.

➡️yardlong beans
➡️coconut milk
➡️red onion
➡️bamboo shoot
➡️green chili
➡️fish sauce

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