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How to Cook Thai Cashew Chicken | Recipe by Chef Jinky Bejarin


Another easy recipe – a Thai cuisine for today’s cooking vlog! ☺️ Thai Cashew Chicken is a delicious Thai food with somewhat sweet sauce and tender chicken bits. Sweet peppers, onions, chicken, and crisp toasted cashews give it a lot of flavor.

➡️ white onion
➡️ red chili
➡️ bell pepper
➡️ scallion
➡️ boneless thigh part of chicken
➡️ pinch of salt
➡️ pinch of onion powder
➡️ pinch of garlic powder
➡️ cornstarch
➡️ 1 tsp sesame oil
➡️ 2 tbsp soy sauce
➡️ 2 tbsp oyster sauce
➡️ 1 tsp fish sauce
➡️ 1 ½ tbsp sugar
➡️ oil
➡️ cashew nuts

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