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Lobster Ravioli Vodka by Chef Jinky Bejarin


Looking for a luxurious dish to impress your guests? Or maybe serve to a romantic dinner? Then this lobster ravioli tossed with a creamy tomato vodka sauce is what you need!

It is a combination of luscious ripe tomatoes, creamy richness, Parmesan cheese, and that delicate vodka flavor. Paired with lobster ravioli, you will surely hit the ideal pleasure when it comes to a hearty dinner.

➡️ button mushrooms
➡️ oregano
➡️ basil
➡️ parsley
➡️ spinach
➡️ cherry tomatoes
➡️ dried tomatoes
➡️ lemon
➡️ garlic
➡️ shallot
➡️ salt
➡️onion powder
➡️garlic powder
➡️black pepper
➡️chicken broth
➡️vodka sauce
➡️heavy cream
➡️parmesan cheese
➡️cream cheese
➡️chili sauce

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