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Vegetable Spring Rolls | Chef Jinky Bejarin


Vegetarians must try! 😋

If you’re in search of something healthy yet flavorsome, this Vegetable Spring Rolls recipe might
be for you!

It’s a kosher recipe (also suitable for Muslims) made with pure vegetables wrapped in spring
rolls sheets that gives a great crust when fried 😋

I also made a dipping sauce with a Vietnamese twist so be sure to finish this video up until the end.

Vegetable Spring Roll
➡️1 head cabbage
➡️1 whole white yam
➡️10 oz tofu
➡️7 oz mung bean sprout
➡️16 oz mixed vegetables
➡️1 red onion
➡️12 cloves of garlic
➡️spring roll pastry
➡️black pepper

Wrapper Paste
➡️⅓ flour
➡️⅓ water
➡️2 eggs

➡️2 cups water
➡️½ cup sugar
➡️⅓ cup fish sauce
➡️3 limes
➡️⅓ cup vinegar

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